What Do Mothers Really Want For Mother's Day?

A few days ago, as we are approaching Mother's Day, I came across the question: What do mothers really want for Mother's Day?  Here's my answer. 

As the working mother of two rambunctious young boys, age 3 and age 7, and being in the first year of building my blog and travel business, I would love a day of pure relaxation!  Of course, I can think of many ways to relax on a cruise - and there are affordable weekend cruises that fit the bill.  However, given that this mommy blogger is also the family's vacation planner, it would be highly unlikely for my husband or relatives to plan a cruise for me.  After all, cruise-planning is my forte, and I not only understand that... I embrace it.  Nevertheless, sometimes the planner wants to be planned for.  

The more realistic option that I would love would be a one-night hotel stay, just for me, right here in New York City, with a full spa treatment on site.  The idea is similar to that of a cruise, but is more manageable for my "not-so-used-to-doing-the-planning" loved ones: A day away from our home, by myself, to relax and hear my own thoughts.  That, to me, would be AMAAAZING!  Hey, a gal can dream!  

In reality, as far as I know, I will be at home with my family this Mother's Day 2018, and I know that is a blessing, so I won't complain.  Although I am tempted to complain from time to time about needing time to myself, I actually have no reason to complain about that, right now, because I am looking forward to an upcoming 3-night hotel stay in Boston, Massachusetts, that will serve as a mommy getaway for me. 

So, back to the question at hand: What do mothers really want for Mother's Day?  What say you?