Why cruise with a group?  Well, the answer is simple.  Many cruise lines offer amenities to groups, which usually include onboard credit or some other perk(s).  After much research – because, you know, I always RESEARCH EXTENSIVELY before selecting a cruise – My Cruising Family has decided on the cruise line, ship, and itinerary for its FIRST GROUP CRUISE!!!  I had a number of other cruise lines and sailings in mind, but when looking at the VALUE received, Norwegian Cruise Line tops the list.  

We will be sailing onboard the Norwegian Dawn from San Juan, Puerto Rico, from March 24, 2019 to March 31, 2019!  Are you super excited yet? 

Did I mention the ports of call yet?  Oh yeah… Castries, St. LuciaBridgetown, BarbadosSt. John’s, AntiguaSt. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands… and Tortola, British Virgin Islands!  Excited now? 

AND, a wonderful perk is that it only takes a $50 per person deposit to lock-in the stateroom of your choice on this group cruise, as well as TWO PERKS of your choice AT TRULY NO ADDITIONAL FEE!  Of course, staterooms/accommodations, meals at complimentary restaurants, spectacular entertainment, and most shipboard activities are already included in your cruise fare.  However, with this group cruise, we are offering even more already included!  Every stateroom will be able to receive two of the following perks:

-        Ultimate Beverage Package *1st and 2nd Guests Only*

-        Prepaid Service Charges *1st and 2nd Guests Only*

-        Commitment Ceremony 

-        Internet Package Per Cabin 

-        $50 Per Port Shorex Credit Per Cabin *Maximum of 4 Ports*

-        Specialty Dining Package *1st and 2nd Guests Only*

-        Cocktail Party Per Cabin

-        20 Photo Package Per Cabin

-        $75 Onboard Credit Per Cabin

Traditionally, cruise group pricing is based on double-occupancy, meaning that the reserved space and pricing that you’ll see advertised is based on two people sailing in one stateroom.  However, all the stateroom categories that I have held for the My Cruising Family Group Cruise can accommodate four people.  Therefore, yes, the group staterooms CAN include rooms for three and four, but the total pricing will change a bit because the cruise line will then be catering to more people than in the initial double-occupancy quote.  Note: 3rd and 4th guest pricing tend to be much less than 1st and 2nd guest pricing.  If all this seems like gibberish to you, no worries… call me at (888) 519-2815, and I will be happy to explain any aspects of this cruise more clearly.

Pricing on the flyer, here, represents TOTAL price for 2 people in one stateroom. Other stateroom categories are available, and pricing for triples and quads are also available. To discuss and book this cruise call (888) 519-2815. 


Already, I have received questions about this group cruise pricing, so in case someone else reading this has the same question that was already asked of me, let me address that here.  The cruise group pricing DOES NOT include airfare.  It includes, like the flyer says, the choice of TWO PERKS AT NO ADDITIONAL FEE, and a stateroom that the guests select within the stated categories if they so choose.  Again, other stateroom categories are available and pricing will reflect any such modifications. 

Anyone who knows me knows that I added a travel blog and business to my life to bless others.  I am not adding a travel blog and business to my already hectic wife-mommy-attorney life to cheat people, but rather, I am extending myself to make cruising EASIER and MORE AFFORDABLE for families like mine.  Again, I DO MY RESEARCH, so trust that this deal right here with NCL is pretty amazing! 

The group price for an interior room on this cruise totals $1773.74.  Right now, if you look online at NCL’s website, a sailaway category interior room is $1569.80.  So why book for the seemingly higher group price?  Because the group price is actually less, and I’ll show you, here, what I mean. 

The sailaway option is Norwegian’s most basic, lowest priced, room option in each category because it allows the cruise line to select your room for you and it generally excludes the Norwegian Free At Sea perks that are offered in other categories.  The Free At Sea options are only available to higher category rooms, and some of those Free At Sea options are not truly free; if selecting the Ultimate Beverage Package or the Specialty Dining Package as Free At Sea options, then there are taxes added to the total price when guests book individually.  You can see all that I’ve just explained by simply doing a mock booking – going through the steps to book online.  So, for that sailaway category inside room, the guests would pay $1569.80.  If the guests add the Ultimate Beverage Package alone to that room, that will add over $1200 more, bringing the total of that seemingly cheaper room to over $2750 just for adding the drink package.  Add to that, at the end of the cruise, cruise lines automatically add service charges/gratuities, which provide tips for the crew who work especially hard throughout the cruise.  Gratuities for two guests in that room would be $203, so the total for that seemingly cheaper room rises to over $2950. 

Again, the group price for an interior room, which already includes the Ultimate Beverage Package and gratuities already paid for, totals $1773.74.  Even if our guests select other perks, I think this example clearly illustrates that guests sailing with our group are much better situated than guests who choose to book individually. 

Would you rather pay $2950 or $1773.74?  I know my answer. 

Additionally, our guests will have the service and support of an experienced travel agent: me 😊  That being said, I will provide members of our group with suggestions for flights, excursions, and hotels, however, they are not obligated to use any of my suggestions.  Once on the ship, it will truly be a FREESTYLE CRUISING experience, which is NCL’s specialty.  Guests can do as much or as little as they would like to.  For me, that is the essence of vacation! 


What are your burning questions or concerns about group cruises?  Share them in the comment box, and I will be happy to answer!