Destination Wedding Q & A

Allan and I had the honor, pleasure, and privilege to attend my friend’s wedding at Beaches Negril in Jamaica this August. If you’ve been following My Cruising Family, LLC and you’ve been paying attention to our stories on this website, Facebook, and/or Instagram, then you know that we are preparing to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. At this time, 10 years ago, we were preparing for our wedding to be held at the then-Beaches Sandy Bay in Jamaica with approximately 80 guests. So, to be invited to attend and to be able to attend my friend’s wedding with approximately 180 guests, this year in particular, at Beaches Negril, which is next door to our wedding venue was very special. However, some ask “WHY?” Others ask “HOW?” If you’re wondering or have ever wondered why couples choose to have a destination wedding and what the experience is like, this blog post is for you!

Here, my newlywed colleague and friend shares her experience!

MY CRUISING FAMILY: How did you meet?

NEWLYWED MRS. SINCLAIR: My aunt set us up. Lol 

MY CRUISING FAMILY: Tell us about the proposal?

NEWLYWED MRS. SINCLAIR: He proposed to me while sailing on Royal Caribbean’s Symphony of the Seas, the largest ship at sea. On the fourth night of our 7-day cruise, he came into our cabin and asked me to join him on our balcony. He brought out a bottle of wine that he purchased in Spain, and poured two glasses.  We sat down and I was so engrossed in the awesomeness of the vast ocean. Being in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea - I was truly in awe. That is when I heard him call my name. I looked over and he was on one knee. 

MY CRUISING FAMILY: Why did you choose to get married in Jamaica?

NEWLYWED MRS. SINCLAIR: Jamaica is truly the land we love. He being born and raised; and me being first-generation American, but raised and cultured the Jamaican way, we decided we want to get married where it all started - back home. 

MY CRUISING FAMILY: What was the venue selection process like?

NEWLYWED MRS. SINCLAIR: I vetted 15 hotels and 4 sites. It was rough but ultimately our decision came down to two things: our kids and the water. Beaches Negril offered the best of both worlds. 

MY CRUISING FAMILY: Why did you select Beaches Negril for your wedding?

NEWLYWED MRS. SINCLAIR: Beaches Negril had, by far, the most attractive package. I didn’t have to worry about paying a high per person price for those staying on property. Most hotels had packages which only included 30-40 people, and I would have to pay approximately $100-$150 per person thereafter regardless of whether or not those persons stayed on property. Additionally, we heard and read awesome reviews about the hotel and all of the amenities it had for kids, including a kids club which would take our 2-year-old. Many of the other hotels started child care options at age 3. Lastly, a part of the Sandals family, I knew the wedding food would be amazing. 

MY CRUISING FAMILY: How many people did you invite? How many attended?

NEWLYWED MRS. SINCLAIR: I invited 250. 180 attended. Approximately 145 from the states and 35 residents. 

MY CRUISING FAMILY: What is your best memory from your wedding day?

NEWLYWED MRS. SINCLAIR: The moment I walked down the aisle. God has a way of moving things for you. Our ceremony on the beach had to stop due to rain. It was moved inside and we were married in a circle filled with love. 

MY CRUISING FAMILY: What, if anything, would you change about your wedding?

NEWLYWED MRS. SINCLAIR: I wish I took more pictures with my wedding party.

MY CRUISING FAMILY: What advice would you give someone who wants to have a destination wedding?

NEWLYWED MRS. SINCLAIR: Read all the reviews. Visits sites. We visited 6 of the sites we vetted. Be organized, and be very mindful of vendor fees and the additional charges some hotels may add for incidentals. Ask all questions up front and, most of all, remember you are the customer. You are bringing business to their establishment, so if you want something ask. 

Thank you for sharing your destination wedding experience with us, Mrs. Sinclair! Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Sinclair!