Video Recap: St. Maarten - Anguilla - St. Barth

This week, we got around to uploading our video coverage of our recent St. Maarten - Anguilla - St. Barth adventure!  We did not share every single moment in video or photo because we truly do believe in the full experience of getting away from the day-to-day and spending time together as a family, which means that we will not always have a camera rolling.  That being said, I hope that what we have captured and what we share with you here is inspiring and helpful.  

Here's our recap!  

Day 1  

June 25, 2018  

Come with us on our journey from New York City to St. Maarten!  As the vacation progressed, we did and saw more and more.  However, on Day 1, the focus was getting to St. Maarten, so it’s a low key video as we were introduced to our home for the week at gorgeous Simpson Bay Resort & Marina.  Explore our 2-bedroom suite with us!  We love our accommodations and our pool view!  

Day 2  

June 26, 2018  

Come with us on our island-hopping journey in St. Maarten.  On Day 2, we had breakfast at La Patrona Restaurant at our resort, Simpson Bay Resort & Marina, and we then island-hopped between St. Maarten and Anguilla, via the Tango to Shoal Bay excursion offered by AquaMania Adventures.  We learned that we were the first boat/bus of tourists to visit Shoal Bay since the 2017 hurricanes.  It was magnificent!  

Day 3  

June 27, 2018  

Come with us to beautiful St. Maarten.  On Day 3, we started the day with some time on the beach at Simpson Bay Resort & Marina, then our family enjoyed a free bus trip into Philipsburg, sponsored by AMA Jewellers, St. Maarten.  Come along as we splash at the beach; encourage our 3-year-old as he writes the alphabet in the sand, despite the water repeatedly taking it away; stroll through Philipsburg and catch a glimpse of cruise ships in port, feeding my inner cruise geek; see the real-life Yoda Guy; visit the Guavaberry shop and treat ourselves to Guavaberry Coladas; and enjoy easygoing St. Maarten.  

Day 4  

June 28, 2018  

Come with us on our island-hopping journey in St. Maarten.  On Day 4, we enjoyed the breakfast buffet at La Patrona Restaurant at our resort, Simpson Bay Resort & Marina, and then, we sailed from St. Maarten to St. Barth onboard the Edge.  Unlike our AquaMania Adventures excursion two days before, this particular excursion on the Edge was a super bumpy ride.  I mean, we prayed and believed, and held on for dear life! That is why there are few pictures onboard the boat.  My hands were holding on to our 7-year-old and the rail on the boat.  Thank God for safe travels to Gustavia, St. Barth! 

Once in St. Barth, the beauty, tranquility, and peacefulness of the island seemed to wash away any negative feelings caused by the bumpy boat ride.  Come along as we stroll the beautifully clean streets of Gustavia, browsing shops along the way to the souvenir shop, which we stopped in.  We shopped first because the stores close for lunch quite early and for quite some time, from about 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM, and some re-opened even after that.  After getting in our shopping early, we strolled back to the dock where we met our wonderful taxicab driver who took us to St. Jean Beach.  St. Jean Beach is gorgeous and tranquil.  We love it!  What a beautiful day of decompressing and truly relaxing!  I need more of those days.  So does probably every New Yorker.  Our taxi driver returned to pick us up, as planned, so that we could be on time for our boat ride back to St. Maarten.  Amazingly, by the grace of God, the ride back to St. Maarten was fairly smooth.

Day 5  

June 29, 2018  

And just like that, our 2018 St. Maarten island-hopping family adventure draws to a close.  We experienced and saw a lot during this trip.  4 countries in 5 days!  The United States, St. Maarten, Anguilla, and St. Barth!  and we have chosen to share this with you.  Day 5 was dedicated to traveling from St. Maarten to New York City.  

Again, we hope that what we have captured and what we have shared with you is inspiring and helpful.  So, go on… plan your next family vacation, and enjoy!  

Have you visited St. Maarten, Anguilla, or St. Barth?  What did you see and do during your visit(s)?