Video Tour Of The MSC Fantasia

Just how big are cruise ships these days?  How do you even get around onboard such big vessels?  Can you walk from the front of the ship all the way to the back of the ship?  Have you ever wondered any of these things?  

Well, we hope to answer those sorts of questions through this blog post and video. 

From March 18, 2018 to April 1, 2018, we sailed onboard the MSC Fantasia, after sailing on her younger sister ship MSC Divina a year prior.  This time, we decided to record a number of clips to share our onboard experience with you, and to provide those who have yet to sail on a cruise ship with real footage of what it is like onboard a ship. 

We found it fairly easy to get around the MSC Fantasia, which was built in 2008, is 137,936 gross tons, and is 1094 feet long.     

Please forgive us if the video below seems too repetitive during the crossing of Deck 7, but feel free to simply skip ahead to what you would like to see. Usually, we simply take tons of photos, but this was our first time filming this much during our cruise vacation in order to share helpful information with you. You will see that, at the outset of this video, we go across Deck 7 a number of times because it is the main deck that allows guests to go from the aft section to the forward section of the ship. For example, in order to get from aft on Deck 6 to any other area on Deck 6, you must go up to Deck 7 and walk across to another elevator bank or staircase from which you can then access Deck 6 again. Knowing this before you get onboard can save you time during your cruise because you won't have to spend as much time learning how to find your way around the first few days. 

One reason that we chose to take a 14-day cruise is that, on our prior shorter cruises, we felt as though, as soon as we figured out how to get around a ship, it was time to disembark. Sailing on the MSC Divina for 7 days a year prior helped us to be quite comfortable finding our way around the MSC Fantasia for 14 days because the ships are sister ships and share a very similar layout.  You can find our review of our 14-day MSC Fantasia Caribbean Cruise, here.  You can find our review of our 7-day MSC Divina Caribbean Cruise, here

Here's a tour of the MSC Fantasia's public areas, which includes a number of bars/lounges, a tour of the buffet, a tour of the atrium, a look at the outside deck areas, and a look outside the kids club areas, with a narrative on how to locate these places and more.  Our hope is that, watching this video helps to make the MSC Fantasia quite simple for you to navigate once onboard. 

Even if you will not be sailing onboard the MSC Fantasia, this video may be helpful to you in navigating her sister ships, MSC Divina, MSC Preziosa, and MSC Splendida.  In general, we hope this video inspires you to set sail on the high seas and explore whatever ship you so choose. 

For more on why we love MSC Cruises, check out our blog post, Why We Love MSC Cruises, here.  

What, if any, questions do you have about getting around the MSC Fantasia or another cruise ship?