What My Cruising Family Packs: Checked Luggage Edition

My Cruising Family’s philosophy is that it’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it, especially when cruising with children.  The below list should be repeated for each person cruising. 

·         Outfits – at least 2 per day (1 for during the day and another for dinner) 

o    Some options:

1-piece outfits save space. 

2-piece or multi-piece outfits may be interchangeable, allowing for multiple looks with fewer pieces, also known as a capsule wardrobe. 

o    We usually pack a combination of both 1-piece outfits and multi-piece outfits. 

o    My Cruising Family suggests knowing whether or not your itinerary includes a formal night or more than one formal night, and/or any other special dress code nights (for example, white party night). 

o    If you’re traveling from a location that has cold weather to a place that has warm weather, My Cruising Family suggests packing layers, such as a t-shirt, sweater, scarf/pashmina, and jeans, so that you can be prepared to disembark comfortably (in a t-shirt) and to arrive home comfortably (in a sweater, with a scarf).  My Cruising Family suggests dressing similarly when traveling to the ship.  Some people choose to wear the same outfit on embarkation and disembarkation days. 


·         Pajamas – at least 2 sets

o    We tend to have at least 1 set of long-sleeved/warmer pajamas and 1 set of short-sleeved/cooler pajamas because, regardless of the country’s/city’s climate, the room temperature may be unpredictable. 


·         Underwear/Undergarments – enough to change at least once per day. 

o    Diapers/Training Pants (for babies and toddlers) – include swim diapers/training pants – bring double the amount that you calculate you will need, just in case. 


·         Sandals  


·         Dress shoes/Dress sandals 


·         Sneakers  

o    Wear these on flight day and embarkation day because they are bulky and will take up lots of room in your luggage; besides, they are probably the most comfortable when traveling with children. 


·         Socks 


·         Belt(s), Tie(s), Accessories 


·         Bath Towel

o    Our personal preference is to bring these, but hotels and cruise ships provide them. 


·         Bath Sponge/Washcloth 

o    Our personal preference is to bring these, but hotels and cruise ships provide them. 


·         Beach Towels 

o    Our personal preference is to bring these, but cruise ships provide them. 


·         Bathing Suits

o    We like to have a different 1 for each port in which we will visit the beach and an extra 1 in case we choose to take a dip in the pool onboard the ship. 


·         Water Shoes 


·         If you snorkel, then My Cruising Family suggests bringing your own snorkel gear.  Although snorkel gear is usually available for rent during certain excursions, we think that it is much better, hygienically, to bring your own.  My Cruising Family suggests purchasing your snorkeling gear before you leave for your cruise because purchasing gear on the cruise ship or in ports-of-call may be more expensive than buying them in your hometown or online. 

As you can see from this packing list and the carry-on packing list that My Cruising Family shared with you, our checked luggage has far less categories to be packed than our carry-on luggage, but the items that are included in our checked luggage have the potential to be bigger and bulkier, and require that we pack strategically, so that the items compliment each other.  For example, our shoes are usually – although not always – black, brown, tan, silver, or another color that can compliment most of the outfits that we pack. 

What do you pack in your checked luggage?  Do you love packing, like packing, or dislike packing?