What My Cruising Family Packs: Carry-On Edition


Today is a significant day in the countdown to our next cruise.  As embarkation day approaches, we are turning our attention to packing, so I will share a bit of that in this post.  Some may ask, “With all these hurricanes, are you still cruising this season?”  Our quick answer: “By the grace of God, yes!”  Anyway, that’s a discussion for another post. 

We usually pack the following travel-size items in our carry-on luggage, which, for purposes of this post, includes handbags as well as actual carry-on suitcases. 

1.       A Few See-Through Bags/Pouches For Toiletries (the biggest pouch came with one of our suitcases)

2.       Adult Bath Soap (although cruise ship staterooms are equipped with basic toiletries for guests to use, we like to bring our own because a number of us have sensitive skin, so we know what soaps our skin can tolerate.  Hey, we’re the type or travelers who bring our own washcloths and towels on vacation) 

3.       My Face Wash

4.       Hubby’s Face Wash

5.       Facial Brush (with charger) and Brush Heads

6.       Adult Toothbrushes

7.       Adult Toothpaste

8.       Children’s Toothbrushes 

9.       Children’s Toothpaste

10.   Toothbrush Covers

11.   Baby Wash (or Baby Cleansing Cloths)

12.   Baby Lotion

13.   Baby Oil

14.   Baby Sunscreen

15.   Adult Sunscreen

16.   My Deodorant 

17.   Hubby’s Deodorant 

18.   Mouthwash (2 Bottles) 

19.   Shampoo

20.   Conditioner

21.   Lysol To Go  

22.   Sewing Kit 

23.   Shower Cap 

24.   Pepto Bismol  

25.   Allergy Medication

26.   Thermometers 

27.   Vicks VapoRub 

28.   Vicks Baby Rub 

29.   Children’s Cold/Flu Medication 

30.   Children’s Tummy Ache Relief Medication

31.   Children’s Gas Drops 

32.   Children’s Ear Drops 

33.   Medicine Dropper/Syringe 

34.   Nose Suction/Bulb Syringe 

35.   Children’s Fever Cooling Cloths  

36.   Disposable Gloves (at least 2 pairs) 

37.   Anti-Itch Cream (either in disposable packets or one tube) 

38.   Triple Antibiotic Ointment (either in disposable packets or one tube)

39.   Antiseptic Towelettes 

40.   Gauze Sponges (various sizes) 

41.   Band-Aids (various shapes and sizes)

42.   Downy Wrinkle-Releaser 

43.   Laundry Detergent (sample or travel-size) 

44.   Mosquito and Insect Repellant 

45.   Pain Reliever (acetaminophen) 

46.   Muscle Ache Relief Patches 

47.   Swimwear, including cover-up 

48.   Baby Wipes 

49.   Disposable Diapers (including swim diapers) 

50.   Hair Clip(s)

51.   Mirror 

52.   Tissues 

53.   Combs 

54.   Brushes 

55.   Disposable Razors 

56.   Cotton Swabs 

57.   Nail Clips 

58.   Hand-Sanitizing Liquid/Spray and Wipes 

59.   Hand Cream/Lotion

60.   Pen

61.   Pencils/Crayons  

62.   Coloring and Activity Books  

63.   Mobile Devices/Cellular Phones/Tablets

64.   Headphones(at least 2 pairs)

65.   Passport Case 

66.   Passports 

67.   Photocopies of Each Passport 

68.   Other Travel Documents (including, but not limited to, flight confirmation information, travel insurance documents) 

Numbers 58 to 68 listed above are most likely to be in an easy-to-access handbag, while the other items may be packed in a carry-on suitcase and/or large carry-on bag.

A lot of the medical items listed in this post, including disposable gloves, band-aids, and much more came from our me4kidz Medibag Family First Aid Kit, which is a bit too bulky to travel with, so I take out what we want for the trip, and I pack them in our more convenient pouches/bags. 

I tend to also pack additional toiletries like soap and lotion, and I keep them in the bag that we take with us into the ports of call.  Additional toiletries have come in handy while away from the ship – like when we’re preparing to leave the beach and we want to wash off a bit more thoroughly after being in the ocean, or if we need to wash our hands while on an excursion. 

Feeding-related items usually get packed right before we leave for the airport. 

For information on a few items that we highly recommend when cruising with a family that includes little ones, please read My Cruising Family’s earlier blog post, Some Of My Cruising Family's Favorite Things.  

I also like to pack an additional bag or two to carry around ports of call, and in case we need to take items out of overweight suitcases – although we don’t usually have overweight suitcases, but just in case – at the airport check-in counter, in which case that additional bag can hold a few extra pieces.  

What's in your carry-on?