Updates: The Whirlwind of Juggling as a Mompreneur

This blog post is yet another untraditional post in that it is more of a personal note to those of you who have been following My Cruising Family’s journeys thus far, and who have come to expect regular blog posts.  It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post as life has been feeling like a whirlwind.  Whew!  

In my blog post, Dear Overwhelmed/Tired Mom, published in January of this year, I mentioned that this year is one in which I will get in the three major trips that I think women should take each year:

(1) a family vacation, of course – I mean our blog is called “My Cruising Family”;

(2) a mommy escape; and

(3) a couple’s getaway. 

That all being said, since returning from our first family vacation of the year, I have been juggling end-of-school-year activities for my 7-year-old, selecting summer camp for my 7-year-old, selecting a new day care center for my 3-year-old, and my work outside of the house as an attorney and director of a unit that has been experiencing many staffing changes, as well as my work on My Cruising Family, LLC, learning more about how to establish My Cruising Family, LLC as a company that helps busy moms with their family travel plans, but also helps busy moms to tap back into themselves. 

Since returning from our first family vacation of the year, I also experienced a wonderful mommy escape, just about a week ago, when I traveled to Boston, Massachusetts, and stayed at the Hilton Boston-Woburn.  There, I attended an amazing program for female entrepreneurs, The FIERCE Factor Accelerator Program, which meant that I not only enjoyed some much needed “me time,” but I also worked on a FIERCE program for busy moms like me. 

The room, the bed, the workspace, and everything at the Hilton Boston-Woburn during my mommy escape was excellent!

With that said, I realized that I hadn’t yet provided the usual video/photo slideshow from our first family vacation of the year, and here we are preparing to take our second family vacation of the year.  So, I’ve stayed up tonight to share these videos/photo slideshows with you before we, again, leave for the Caribbean.  Enjoy! 

How do mogul mompreneurs do all this?  How do some mogul mompreneurs make it look so easy?  All by the grace of God.  The juggling is no joke.  I thank God for what we have accomplished thus far, and for what we will accomplish moving forward. 

Have you recently experienced a whirlwind of activities too?  Do you ever feel like there’s so much to do and so little time? 

For you and for me, I pray that God grant us long life on this earth to do His will, and that through doing His will, our work on this earth be pleasing in His sight and bring Him the glory, honor, and praise for which He alone is worthy… in Jesus’ precious name… Amen.  Let's do this, mommas!