Pause. Reflect. Dream. Give.

Hello cruisers, soon-to-be-cruisers, cruise-daydreamers, and everyone in between!  A month ago, I shared with you that My Cruising Family suffered a loss in the sudden passing of my brother, which has led to a whirlwind of emotions, and also to a season of pause and reflection. As a result, our website posts and social media activity has slowed a bit. 

While we plan to resume blog posts in the near future, this season of pause and reflection, which we did not plan, has led us to take the time to DREAM BIGGER and to GIVE FROM THE HEART. We are pursuing the dream of becoming Cancun Experience Officers and we have given to a grassroots organization that we love, The Passport Party Project

In this season of pause and reflection, may we remind you about My Cruising Family's vision and mission by encouraging you to read What's The Deal With This Blog? and our About page.  We are here to encourage you and your family to take the time you need to travel the world together.  Family time is precious.  Treasure it.  Use it.  Enjoy it.  Be blessed.